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We recently asked our partners at PolySource to describe how XTMS has impacted their business.

6 Takeaways

If you didn’t watch the video (you really should), we compiled the six takeaways that significantly impacted PolySource’s logistics operations.


“Plug the data in, and in a minute or less, I have my pricing and transit times. I can then take that
information and use it for a quote [for a customer]. I feel more confident in the pricing I’m providing.”

Customer Service

“Customer service is in touch with our account team daily. He’s the boots on the ground, making sure our shipments are making it where they need to go. He’s an extension of our team. We couldn’t survive without him.”


“The flexibility of the platform allowed us to bring in other
carriers. Carriers that were cost
competitive and were able to meet our customer’s delivery needs. The open architecture and the flexibility is what really sold us.”


“My team leverages DLX multiple times a day. Most of the members on my team didn’t come from a logistics background, but the way the DLX portal is set up is really intuitive and it’s easy to learn. It creates a more efficient way of processing orders.”


“Data was one thing we were really lacking. Before, we had zero visibility – it was a blind spot for our company. What they [DLX] did with our data, bringing it into Microsoft Power BI gave us the ability to source; determine where to place our warehouses and optimal transportation paths.”


“Their approach was more about us than about them. We came in with our own unique set of problems…and it was how can we tailor this to actually help you guys solve this problem.”

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