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At Dynamic Logistix we believe that the transportation industry, specifically shippers and carriers, should have access to 21st Century solutions to manage their logistics.

Dynamic Logistix specializes in deployment of its Transportation Management System (X.TMS) to create increased visibility, automation, accountability, reliability, and scalability to shippers across the continent. We bring turnkey transportation to our clients – we sometimes call it the ‘easy button’ that saves time and money for the shipper. Our expertise and best-in-class technology bring definition & opportunity to our carriers so that they can become part of our partner solution for our shippers.

With experience of over 50 TMS deployments within the walls of our Headquarters and satellite offices, we don’t just know how to create an exceptional experience for our clients – we know how to create that experience quickly and ensure its staying power.

On top of our Core Product X.TMS, Dynamic Logistix has a culture of work hard, play hard and get the job done right. We believe we have the best and most Dynamic People who use expertise to serve our clients and partners. On the carrier capacity side, we have worked with over 10,000 carriers and have access to tens of thousands more. We commit time to get to know our carrier base and work to bring consistent ‘core’ carriers to each client we serve. Our technology, our culture, and our carriers allow us to provide premium solutions for the shipping modes of Full Truckload, LTL, Intermodal & Rail, Parcel, and International.

What makes us Dynamic? We simply never stop developing superior service and technology solutions. Call it an X-Factor, call it Dynamic, call it what you want, just know that you will experience something with Dynamic Logistix that substantially rises above conventional standards of shipping. Bring your transportation management into the 21st century.

The Transportation Management System (X.TMS)

Your company is well into the 21st Century, it’s time your transportation department follows suit. We hear it all the time: “My 3PL (or broker) just moves freight for me – which was fine in the past, but now I need something more dynamic. I need visibility, automation, reporting and one place where I can view it all, so I can truly measure and manage my logistics effort.”

For years, the Transportation Department was left behind; while Finance, Operations, HR, Sales and Customer Service were all given technology making their life easier, helping them be more effective. For those shippers who were given use to technology or a 3PL, their options were either a ‘half full’ TMS program or a 3PL secrecy, ‘hidden behind the curtain’ arrangement. It’s time to change the game!

We believe in becoming your TMS Partner, not just another 3PL or broker. We’re determined to not only build you a dynamic TMS solution, but we’ll also be in the ‘foxhole’ the entire time. Your Transportation Department will reach an incredible transportation platform today and into the future, by implementing X.TMS.

What is TMS?

Transportation Management Software
Transportation Management Software, or TMS, is being adopted everyday by shippers wanting to gain more visibility, efficiency, measurement, and cost controls. Only the best systems allow for quick integration and back-end analytics. We have those ‘wants’ covered, just ask our clients.

Capture and Reporting Capabilities

Everything in one place.
X.TMS software can become a repository for all your shipping documents, keeping everything organized in one place. X.TMS offers extensive reporting with numerous options, including customized reports incorporating pertinent data to help you measure and manage. Reports can be periodically scheduled and sent to staff members. Different reports can be shared with different staff members, based on their role.

Freight Management

Mobile, web-based visibility for all shipping efforts.
X.TMS offers numerous options for freight management, automated order-to-order-to-carrier assignment, and auto-tender via the carrier waterfall process. You can also rate shop by carrier or mode. The spot quote functionality and the ability to manage inbound and outbound loads are both available. You'll always know what is happening with your loads, via email alerts, based on business rules and events. You can search for easy viewing and sort your load board by date, type and location. If you want, you can even set up automated Freight Bill, Audit and Pay.

X.TMS offers stability and access

Mobile, web-based visibility for all shipping efforts.
X.TMS is web-based with 99.9% uptime, allowing visibility to all shipping efforts. If you have a web or mobile connection, you have access to X.TMS. Our system can grant log-in access to an unlimited number of staff members, carriers and vendors. Customized permissions and limitations can be programmed specific to each user. X.TMS offers integration with your ERP system for automation, as well as EDI integration with carriers for automated tracking & tracing. X.TMS can manage numerous modes, including TL, LTL, Small Pack, IMDL, Rail, Barge and more.

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Chief Operating Officer & Partner

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Chief Revenue Officer

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