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We've partnered with a company that as we grow, and we celebrate, DLX is going to be growing and celebrating. Having healthy organizational relationships that way - it's going to be so good.

Jimmy Huff, Happy Egg,
Freight and Logistics Manager

Valuable data insights and cost-savings analysis BEFORE you've become a client.


Depending on the industry, size of the company, and how many shipments per day/week/and month, we’ll find the carriers that work specifically for your platform and your lanes, negotiating better rates than you currently have.


“Anything we asked, they said ‘Yes, we can do that.’ Everybody knew exactly, and in detail, every question that was asked. It was almost like they knew the question before you asked it.”



Our reporting capabilities will arm your sales teams members with the data they need to share on-time performance and realtime
tracking information with
your customers.


“What stood out for me with DLX was the people, hands down. When you’re working with people that you can A. Trust what they say, and B. you know they’re gonna take care of you and your business, that’s what really pushed it over the edge for me.”


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