Technologies offer big-time potential for improving competitiveness, cost and customer experience by improving planning and implementation. Targeting the use of technology can dramatically reduce risk and accelerate growth. Many supply chains still use manual techniques like spreadsheets and printouts.

Lean thinking with proven, affordable and emerging technologies will help achieve a real competitive advantage.

The right technology partner will help you discover:

PLAN to optimize supply chain networks, demand forecasting, master production scheduling and sales & operations planning.

SOURCE more effectively with today's material requirements planning and procurement technologies.

MAKE higher-value "lean production" products with a modern ERP, manufacturing execution system and short-term scheduling systems.

DELIVER the right customer solutions at the right time and cost by launching advanced distribution resource planning, TMS and order fulfillment systems.

RETURN products and materials with state-of-the-art reverse logistics systems.

ENABLE continuous improve by getting access to your data, gain visibility to measure the things that will drive better decisions to improve results.

One of my favorite things to do is white-boarding ideas that lead to new solutions. If you need help solving real-problems: rising shipping costs, higher labor, lower on-time delivery or increased claims… let's schedule a "technology breakthrough session" before the end of the year so 2019 can be the best year ever!

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