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As a leading provider of TMS and Logistics Services for small and medium-sized shippers across America we have consulted with hundreds of Supply Chain Leaders over the years. One of the common questions we are asked is, “Why should I care that everything is in a Single-Platform?” This is a fair question because in the technology industry we love our buzzwords like, streamlined, automated, centralized, and let’s not forget one of our favorites, Cloud-Based. On the surface, like many of these buzzwords, “Single-Platform” can sound a bit empty, but if we look a little deeper, the true impact will become clear. 

Ease of Training:
Learning a new system is difficult for even the most tech-savvy person. There is comfort in knowing exactly how to accomplish a task, even if we can agree that it’s not the most efficient process. This is why “not wanting to learn a new system” is the top reason organizations choose to stick with the status quo. 

Now imagine, selecting a TMS that requires you to be trained on 4 modules just to be able to: 

  • Build a load
  • Consolidate & Optimize 
  • Tender your Loads
  • Track your orders

The Single-Platform TMS developed by the team at 3G was designed specifically to address this challenge. Having one cohesive system that manages all key capabilities within a click of the button, simplifies the training, and reduces the stress that comes with transitioning to a new system. 

Error Reduction:
Each time we move data from one module to the next, we increase the likelihood of errors. We have all been there, double and triple-checking a file to ensure that I am going to tender the right loads with the most up to date information to our carriers. Having seamless data flow eliminates the need to question your work because in a Single-Platform TMS you can be confident that you are always working with the most current and accurate data. 

Consolidated Reporting:
Five or ten years ago, data was something we used when things went wrong. Are we being invoiced the amount tendered? What day did we show that load leaving our warehouse and arriving at the destination? These are common questions and while it is a bit of a hassle, we can dig through our spreadsheets and answer these within a day or so. 

2020 shippers are being challenged to get creative with how they plan and ship their products to better control costs, while also delivering exceptional service to their end customer.  The days of using data reactively are gone. Today our shippers need to understand trends and insights, to better manage their business for the future. A Single-Platform TMS ensures that you have access to all relevant data at your fingertips. 

Future Cost Avoidance:
A common challenge for many customers is how to control costs as their needs evolve. A modular based TMS solution can often seem good in the beginning because you might have a lower entry point, but you also are relegated to the most basic functionality. As you become more reliant on that solution, you will eventually want to expand to capabilities that manage load planning or audit your freight bills, which increase your costs. A single platform is designed to give you the most capabilities at the best value. 
It is forecasted that the spot market will increase by double digits in 2021. As a result, Supply Chain Leaders will be tasked with the priority of containing costs. A clear solution is to streamline and automate where possible via a TMS. As you take this Journey, make sure that you understand the true value of an All-In-One Platform so you aren’t surprised in the future. 

At Dynamic Logistix we are boldly changing logistics management, one client at a time. Our Tier 1 TMS program includes a leading Cloud-Based TMS that streamlines freight logistics from order entry, load building, route optimization, and carrier selection. We offer our clients 24/7 visibility, ERP integration, freight audit and pay, business intelligence reporting, and dedicated account managers Dynamic Logistix is eager to help your company save money and time. Click here to schedule a complimentary process review with our logistics team. 

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